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Understanding Network - Digital vs Analog

The first mobile phones used analogue technology, transmitting voice in soundwaves, for transmission. Analogue networks now cover many areas in various countries. Within many countries analogue may provide the best range of coverage.

Digital offers improvements. Digital technology not only provides enhanced sound quality, enhanced privacy, and additional calling and data transmission services, but also allows service providers to use the airways more efficiently. Digital technology transmitting data, images and sound by converting it to binary bits uses radio frequency more efficiently, so more calls and more data can be transmitted at one time on one channel. Because of this increased efficiency, digital phone service is often less expensive than analogue service.

Additionally, talk time and standby time is typically longer with digital phones than with analogue phones.

Even though digital networks are being built and expanded daily, digital technology is not available in all areas of every country. Some operators provide special dual-band subscriptions with which you can have a special lower rate for certain areas and the normal rate for roaming the countryside.

Unlike in the USA, in Europe there is no single analogue standard (TACS, ETACS, NMT, and AMPS are all used) and especially international roaming may be impossible with analogue. On the other hand, GSM, especially dual-band GSM, offers almost limitless roaming in Europe and Africa and in the Asian-Pacific. Please consult with your home operator to discuss the fees for roaming between your home country and the countries you'll be travelling to.

In the USA, European phones will not work, but roaming may still be possible by taking your SIM card and renting a US phone for the trip. Then you can still have your European phone number active, whilst travelling in the USA. Please check with your service provider for their roaming agreements with US operators.

VDoverseas.com has many models of Nokia cellular phones for use in Europe, Africa and Asia. For greater roaming possibilities we offer Nokia GSM 900 and 1800 dual band cellular phones.

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